Business Growth - Growing Pains

Every business we come across at Jetbooks has the same problem – growth.

Whether they're not growing as fast as they would like or they’re running into the problems associated with scaling, growth is the common denominator in most cases.


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Business Growth - Remove the Barriers

The most common barrier to growth is not having a scalable infrastructure.

When you go from 2 to 10 employees, you need better phone systems and more office space.

When you reach 20, you suddenly require an accounting system that accurately shows which clients and projects are actually making you money.

At each stage of growth, you’re met with increased difficulties on the operations side.

You constantly have to upgrade your systems to support a larger organisation.

Using a scalable infrastructure from the beginning can save you a lot of time and headaches and will ultimately allow you to grow much faster.

That’s why I always recommend Xero on the accounting side. Their platform can support companies ranging from €0 to €100 million in turnover.

You never have to upgrade.

"Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant" Michael Gerber, E-Myth Revisited.

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