Improving Business Cashflow

Cashflow is vital to the proper functioning of any business.

Knowing your business cashflow is important to the proper running of your business, knowing how to improve cashflow is even more important! Cloud technology offers ways to improve efficiency whilst reducing costs which equals better cashflow!


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How To Improve Business Cashflow

One of the best ways to improve overall cash flow in a business is to cut down on unnecessary costs.

From working with hundreds of Irish businesses over the last few years, I’ve seen that the main area where businesses are overspending is on staff.

It’s true that "overhead walks on two legs".

I often get asked: "how can we cut staff costs without letting go of employees?"

My answer is always, to increase efficiency - and these days, the easiest way to increase staff efficiency is through cloud technology.

The introduction of cloud software has enabled businesses to increase their productivity and at the same time, decrease their costs.

As an accountant, I’ve seen cloud accounting software cut the work of finance teams in half while providing real-time financial reporting on costs, profits, and cash flow.

It’s half the work, for twice the results.

If you’re not using cloud accounting software already, a good place to start is by looking at the options available and seeing how much you might be able to save by using them.

We use a combination of Xero and HubDoc for all our clients, and I recommend these above all the others.

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