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Online bookkeeping provides multiple benefits to small & medium-sized businesses.

Using a virtual bookkeeping service offers flexibility and efficiency for businesses to outsource their books without any of the logistical hassles of traditional bookkeeping services


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online bookkeeping
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    Small Business Bookkeeping

    Online Bookkeeping - Automate your Purchasing and payments!

    Keeping track of your firms purchasing and payments is messy. Even with the best of intentions we often find ourselves buried in a large pile of receipts and invoices.

    This leads to countless painstakingly slow hours of manual logging, checking and rechecking of spreadsheets, then just as you think you can see the light you realise it’s time to start the whole process over again.

    Thankfully, gone are the days when bookkeeping needed to be a paperwork filled nightmare.

    With the advent and growth of the internet bookkeeping can now be completed ‘virtually’ without the need for physical ledgers and reams of paper.

    Virtual Bookkeeping – What Is A Cloud Bookkeeper & How Do They Work?

    In the old days a company’s books were just that – a physical book, or ledger, in which all financial transactions were recorded by an individual onsite.

    With virtual bookkeeping the end result is identical – an accurate record of all transactions made within a businesses over a set period of time – however the way that the records are kept and updated is very different.

    Using a cloud bookkeeper means that the person doing the books will not need to be in the company’s office – all the bookkeeping records are held online in what is called ‘the cloud’ and are updated remotely.

    With cloud bookkeeping the person updating the records can be based anywhere in the world, generally they will be in the country, or even the same city, but being able to work remotely solves a lot of travel and logistical problems that are inherent in the old system.

    This also delivers benefits for the business employing the cloud bookkeeper as they do not need to make arrangements to accommodate a bookkeeper in their offices, nor provide materials and supplies.

    Online bookkeeping is also more time-efficient and cost-effective than traditional bookkeeping as there is no travel involved and the company only has to pay for the time spent working on their books.

    For the virtual bookkeeper, they can work form the comfort of their own office and can serve multiple clients simultaneously as a result.

    Online Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

    We use Hubdoc, a document management software that automatically turns documents into useable data by extracting data from your receipts, invoices, and bills.

    While there are a number of great software options in this space, such as Receipt Bank, Expensify & Concur Travel, and Expense we use Hubdoc for its simplicity and Free Xero integration.

    Working with Hubdoc is effortless and will save your firm time and money.

    It’s as simple as snapping a photo of your receipt, invoice, or bill and letting Hubdoc do the rest.

    Hubdoc seamlessly scans and extracts data from your documents using optical character recognition (OCR).

    The beauty of the cloud platform is that your information is kept in a secure hub that is accessible at any time, from anywhere in the world.

    Setting up Hubdoc is a simple, one-time process that doesn’t require crazy tech or accounting skills. Just search for your account provider, enter your information and watch as Hubdoc automatically pulls your documents for you.

    Furthermore, Hubdoc also downloads and stores your historical bills & statements allowing you access at the touch of a button.

    Hubdoc is also great for collaboration, as you can pre-configure certain vendor’s documents to Auto-sync to Xero, Sage One, or QBO.

    It’s time to go paperless. We love it – and we think you will too!

    More About Jetbooks – Online Bookkeeping For Irish Businesses

    Jetbooks is one of Irelands most exciting financial services start-ups, offering firms the opportunity to streamline their bookkeeping and financial administration requirements.

    We provide a hassle-free, convenient and dependable service to ensure our clients can spend less time with their head in the books and more time focusing on growing their business.

    We utilise cutting edge cloud-based Xero accounting technology to automate and simplify financial reporting for our clients.

    We understand that no two businesses are the same. That is why we will spend time analysing and learning about the intricates of your business to provide a tailormade solution that is most suitable for your firm’s needs.

    We provide you with unrestricted access to a dedicated team of bookkeeping experts that act as an extension to your existing team - without the hassle of recruiting and training a diverse and experienced team of tech-savvy accountants.

    Our objective is to help you track your businesses health and performance in real-time while providing you with clear, concise and beautifully designed data at your fingertips.

    So if you are ready to put your accounts on autopilot, Jetbooks will get your business flying.

    online bookkeeping

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    Cloud Bookkeeping Service for Irish Businesses

    Jetbooks gives you the confidence that your bookkeeping requirements are being met on time and accurately, every time!

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      Approximate Annual Turnover?

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