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As world-renowned business guru Michael E. Gerber maintained, the smart business owner strives to spend his or her time working on the business rather than in the business handling daily operations such as payroll.

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    What Happens As A Business Grows?

    As a business grows the business owner finds themselves with less and less time as the number of tasks required to run a growing business continually increases. There comes a point when multiple admin tasks need to be outsourced, either to an in-house employee, or a third-party supplier.

    Which of these is chosen ultimately depends on multiple internal business factors, but there are a number of advantages of using third-party outsourcers to deliver vital business services.

    • Better efficiency as valuable employees focus on more important aspects of the business.
    • More confidentiality for sensitive employee financial information.
    • Third-party providers tend to be specialists and so have more knowledge and experience.
    • This means that employees have more confidence in payroll delivery.
    • Specialists can guarantee deadlines are met, avoiding late filing penalties.
    • Higher level of compliance with tax regulations using expert knowledge.

    As well as specific payroll delivery advantages, it is also easier and generally cheaper from a business admin point of view as outsourcing doesn’t require a lengthy employee hiring process, nor any of the HR and other requirements for employed staff, plus the business only pays for service delivery and so isn’t locked into monthly salary payments.

    Outsourcing Payroll Management

    Payroll outsourcing can help any size company but can be especially advantageous to SMEs because this is a job that can be outsourced to experienced, qualified professionals, saving the owner(s) precious time to work on revenue producing activities.

    You can choose to spend less time consumed with these in-office tasks and more time concentrating on your customers for real revenue and growth.

    Hiring a payroll services company is not just hiring someone to do all of the calculations for you, but rather to take ownership of the whole process, which includes;

    • Running payroll and making employee pay and withholding calculations
    • Processing a BACS payment or issuing cheques to employees
    • Calculating Revenue payroll taxes, and making tax payments
    • Filing required returns with Revenue
    • Administering employee benefits
    • Automated data collection
    • Electronic payslip delivery
    • Payroll management reports

    Jetbooks can also offer advisory on your current payroll set-up, including;

    • Review of current payroll procedures
    • Data analysis, testing, extraction and cleansing
    • Streamlining payroll process
    • Bespoke financial information
    • Recommendations for process improvements

    For a task which is so critical to the smooth operation of your business, you will also want to consider the experience of the payroll solutions firms.

    At Jetbooks attention to detail, response time to your questions, and excellent service are hugely important factors in our service, and these are things that you will want to consider when contemplating outsourcing.

    In hiring a company, you are paying someone to help make your workload lighter. You certainly want to spend your money with payroll management experts who will answer your calls promptly, who will understand your industry, and keep your accounts efficient and up-to-date.

    To discuss whether outsourcing your payroll to Jetbooks is the right move for your business why not avail yourself of our no-obligation, complimentary payroll outsourcing consultation with one of our qualified and experienced payroll experts?

    Online Payroll Solutions

    Efficient payroll management can address your business' specific needs quickly and conveniently through the use of technology. Payroll processing with direct online access to the client reports and data eliminate time lost waiting for the client to send reports.

    The Internet allows clients and their employees access to their payroll from anywhere in the country, or indeed the world meaning employees can go online and view cheque stubs, payment history, or request changes.

    Other advantages of online payroll are;

    • Online payroll processing is more affordable as many of the time-consuming manual tasks are completed by software and automated, so the number of hours required to complete payroll processing are drastically reduced.
    • Automated payroll solutions reduce the instances of human error significantly as daily, repetitive manual tasks are now run by software. Data-entry is now done by computers and any errors are in the initial input which can be quickly identified and fixed.
    • Online payroll management is highly time-efficient as the automated software carries out the required tasks much quicker than humans can do so. Furthermore, once set-up the software itself only needs occasional tweaking and otherwise can be left to its job in the background.
    • Online systems are better equipped to adhere to deadlines which means that your business will avoid last-minute panics and possibly large fines and penalties. In-house systems run by humans by contrast are slow, cumbersome and prone to human error which often results in mixed deadlines and all the issues that accompany that circumstance.

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      Approximate Annual Turnover?

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      Payroll Processing

      At Jetbooks as well as fast, accurate and cost-effective payroll processing our service also includes;

      • personalised service with advanced technologies
      • personal care for your specific needs
      • availability to answer your questions
      • prompt information about all of your account's activities.

      By outsourcing your payroll management to Jetbooks, you can be free to pursue business-growth opportunities for your company and enjoy peace of mind in the knowledgeable that your payroll is in the hands of experts.

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        Approximate Annual Turnover?

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