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As world-renowned business guru Michael E. Gerber maintained, the smart business owner strives to spend his or her time working on the business rather than in the business handling daily operations such as payroll.

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What Happens As A Business Grows?

As a business grows the business owner finds themselves with less and less time as the number of tasks required to run a growing business continually increases. There comes a point when multiple admin tasks need to be outsourced, either to an in-house employee, or a third-party supplier.

Which of these is chosen ultimately depends on multiple internal business factors, but there are a number of advantages of using third-party outsourcers to deliver vital business services.

  • Better efficiency as valuable employees focus on more important aspects of the business.
  • More confidentiality for sensitive employee financial information.
  • Third-party providers tend to be specialists and so have more knowledge and experience.
  • This means that employees have more confidence in payroll delivery.
  • Specialists can guarantee deadlines are met, avoiding late filing penalties.
  • Higher level of compliance with tax regulations using expert knowledge.

As well as specific payroll delivery advantages, it is also easier and generally cheaper from a business admin point of view as outsourcing doesn’t require a lengthy employee hiring process, nor any of the HR and other requirements for employed staff, plus the business only pays for service delivery and so isn’t locked into monthly salary payments.

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